TexWev / TexWev Mini / TexWev Pro

    1. Create a woven shirt or suit fabric in just a few drag and drops !!

    1. Useful to designer, merchandiser, weaver and student alike.

    1. Mellange, Indigos, Linens, Silks and many Natural Spun effects.

    1. Communicate designs between TexWev users via email.

    1. Design fabric looks realistic and in near actual size.

    1. Ready library of most common weaves and colors.

    1. Simple editor for user-definable weaves.

    1. 8 Colors in each Warp and Weft. 4 Colors in TexWev Mini.

    1. Auto - create random imaginative patterns from a single design.

    1. Design Cloth Card and Swatch views with email option.

    1. Pattern can have up to 1200 ends and/or picks.

    1. Pattern input in text format, ends/picks in inch or cm units.

    1. Three Colorways (Warp & Weft) per design in TexWev Pro.

    1. Store upto 1000 designs on your iPad or iPhone, and backup to iTunes.


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