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TexWev is a revolutionary designing tool for the iPad targeted at the woven textile designer. Create a woven fabric design with just a few drag and drops ! Make a collection of designs right on your iPad. The interface is friendly to the Designer, Merchandiser, Weaver and Student alike. Fabric is displayed in near actual size based on construction. You can mail or receive designs to/from other TexWev,   TexWev Mini, TexWev Pro or TexView users by Email.


TexView is a simple app to view a TexWev design swatch along with its construction. TexView is ideal for someone who needs to quickly view a TexWev design received by email from a TexWev or TexView user. The design can be saved locally and/or emailed to other TexWev, TexWev Pro, TexWev Mini or TexView users. TexView is a useful tool in the design approval cycle. TexView does not create or edit a TexWev design.


TexWev Mini is a iPhone version of the TexWev (iPad) app. It has most of the features of the TexWev app with a interface specially designed for the iPhone screen. You can mail or receive designs to/from other TexWev,   TexWev Mini, TexWev Pro or TexView users by Email. Literally ** Design On The Go ! ***.


Deform is a fun tool to quickly deform or re-shape any photo or image on your iPhone or iPad without losing image sharpness. This app is useful to graphic artists, fashion, garment and accessory designers, and almost anyone who wishes to have some fun with pictures. Open any photo from the photo album, or take a snap using the in-built camera and you are ready to go. Drag your finger or stylus on the region you wish to reshape.


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Fabric Weight

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FabCal is an essential tool for Designers, Merchandisers and Manufacturers who frequently calculate the quantity of knitted fabric used in a T-shirt garment. The price of a garment is mainly based on the fabric consumption. Using measurements of Chest, Body Length and Sleeve Length we can calculate the quantity of fabric used in a knit garment like a T-shirt. In addition the fabric consumption in the neck rib can be derived if we know measurements like the rib height (or depth) and the neck width.

Fabric Weight is a simple tool to calculate the weight of a woven fabric (cloth) given the fabric construction. This app is useful to textile designers, weavers and garment manufacturers. This program with its simple and intuitive interface does away with any learning curve. The interface is self explanatory and gives the fabric weight in four kinds of units instantly.

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